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A Blog Entry from Stephan - "Alien":

Chapter 10339

Outside and sitting on the back deck already hot cross-legged. Forward chest, deep breaths and closed eyes, hands on my thighs like sieves. Boards of splintered wooden currents and streams laid underneath me as I teetered between thinking and trying not to focus on my painful buttocks.

Spend most of my day sitting. Writing, playing video games, praying, riding a bike, and taking the bus. Shitting.

Enough already. Stood up. Went inside and to the galley to ingest five dried grams of mushrooms.

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A Stations Entry from Lucas -  "A Rushed Reply":

Laying in bed, my hands folded under my head. Headphones playing "K", by Cigarettes After Sex. Closing my eyes as I slide into a memory.


 The scent of the wind through the cracks in the floor. Wilderness is all around us and I can feel it’s warmth. There’s something about being that submerged in the natural world that brings a vitality to everything. The senses are sharpened, and an air of importance grounds each moment.

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Stephan Coleman and Lucas J. Piercy are two brothers born of the same mother. They create art in their spare time, because. One night came nigh the idea to hide behind disguises and lies to find or shine some kind of truth. Either on the inside or from without. With faith and doubt they search even now -- separately together  -- to channel, contrive, and transcribe some kind of light in their daily lives. 

This evolved into an online portfolio. From here, who knows where it could go. What matters most is that they grow. And let's hope collectively all our striving to be better each day, earthwide will show.




Stephan Coleman: chucks.coleman@gmail.com

Lucas J. Piercy: lucasjustinpiercy@gmail.com

Locations: Los Angeles, California and Kansas City, Missouri