Welcome to, The Brothers Two

What's GOOD?

A Poem from Lucas - "Inspired by Psalm 33":

One (All)

Let's Applaud the Universe,
Let's All that Live give forth
A Standing ovation of sound!
Play your instruments,
Whatever they may be.
Improvise creation,
Be loud if you like.
All that's been written into existence,
Whether Through code or chaos,
Is perfect in its own way.

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A Blog Entry from Stephan -  "Loose":

Chapter 10077

First night on my own in Barcelona and I wipe the slate by running until vision fades, slow to a trot on rubbery legs. Endogenous chemicals fogged the interior of an addled room between ears, which too, filled mistily with a muffling. I finally began to sweat. Shins splint from shock-absorbing the pavement.

Taking the vessel for a ride around the environment -- and maybe testing what it can do -- forcibly familiarizes the mind with the game, how to navigate, the size and scope of it all, and hopefully, where your little shape fits.

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Stephan Coleman and Lucas J. Piercy are two brothers from the same mother. They create art, because that's their drive. One day, smoking weed and walking through Loose Park, the seed for The Brothers Two arrived. It began that day as an idea for an animated series that would involve the two of them and their many adventures as forever children. The title would be said with the utmost vibrato. This idea evolved into an online portfolio. From here, who knows where it could go. For now, what matters most is that they grow.




Stephan Coleman: chucks.coleman@gmail.com

Lucas J. Piercy: lucasjustinpiercy@gmail.com

Locations: Los Angeles, California and Kansas City, Missouri