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What's GOOD?

Photos from Stephan - "Santa Monica"

A Poem from Lucas - “It’s All Modular"

End the war by answering your call.

You set your flag outside - lily white,

Cast aside your cares and worries to

Listen to the sound of mercy.

Sending a song sailing in the wind -

A Song That

sang for Freedom,

A flying angel to be.

Your Savior is the One

That you Became

When the Piano Played, your body expressing your soul.

Peace is when you felt your feelings and thoughts without Judgement.

{Passing clouds are more than a bunch of empty Characters.}

In a laundromat you met yourself,

When music brought you to your breath.

80’s Nostalgia, Living in 88

Oh - For the Love of


Square Lead, soft in the head. Ear wax on the buds, so sticky. Cares were Wildfires, the World you carried on your shoulders. Atlas Shrugged and you Shook the Dust off with a Dance… Deer tremble after trauma… Chase me, when I run. Chase me to the corners of the page. If I am a Sentient Video Game Character, I cross my T’s and open my eyes that much Wider. “Don’t Leave me guessing,” She said, as I stepped outside and drove my car into a dream. Blessed beauty, be my sacred Beloved. I saw you get scared when you read my poetry. You had said it stirred something inside you. Loneliness can Last a Lifetime. Listen. Speaking Softly, the Answer is A Blistering Sun on your Skin. It’s the Wind and the garden in your Backyard. It’s the Presence of Joy that Grows Like a Tree inside you. A Tree, Made of Light. And it Shines so brightly that it burns away all that is not of it. And that process hurts sometimes. That it does. “Carry me,” She said. She hit her head, hard. The music from the movie played on, in the distance. As I put her to bed. As I told her goodnight, ice pack and all. The Glow, from outside our living room, shed light on our lawn until dawn broke open. A New Day.



Stephan and Lucas are two brothers, same mother, who create art in their spare time, because.

The idea of hiding behind disguises and lies in order to find or shine some kind of light did not originate with these guys, but they still feel so inclined as to try. With faith and doubt they strive even now -- separate and alongside -- to channel, contrive, capture, and transcribe the truth of their surroundings, and the collective effect of their voice, perspectives, and choices.

This online portfolio is meant to document the evolution of that navigation through space, and what they make along the way.




Stephan Coleman: chucks.coleman@gmail.com

Lucas Piercy: lucasjustinpiercy@gmail.com

Locations: Los Angeles, California and Kansas City, Missouri