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Chapter 10064

"The first law: If you are ever to have a good time, you cannot plan your life to include nothing but good times. Pleasure is like beauty; it is conditioned by contrast."


It's possible to fly for under a hundred dollars sometimes with airlines that employ recycled, old, rolled-up tubes of toothpaste as planes, but if you have bags -- that'll be twenty-five extra, per. Want seats with room for your limbs? Eighteen bucks, jerk. And if you ever need to change your flight, add it all up and double it, no refunds.

The girl and I shrugged at the above because our budget and took the last train to Stansted Airport, arrived around midnight and couldn't check in until four thirty, which meant a lot of waiting.

This turned out to be the least inconvenience we'd endure.


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Stephan Coleman and Lucas J. Piercy are two brothers from the same mother. They create art, because that's their drive. One day, smoking weed and walking through Loose Park, the seed for The Brothers Two arrived. It began that day as an idea for an animated series that would involve the two of them and their many adventures as forever children. The title would be said with the utmost vibrato. This idea evolved into an online portfolio. From here, who knows where it could go. For now, what matters most is that they grow.




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