A Call That Made The Crows Fly

She was coming to the point of no return, the place she had been striving toward her whole life. It came in visions and thoughts, ideas that weren’t followed through completely because she wasn’t ready. It wasn’t in her body. It was still in the aether.

Lost to the world she found her way to the center of the forest. Nobody could hear her here, if she screamed. If she sang. This was the place, to open the door. Her backpack had been leaning on a tree’s trunk. As she walked to it, she began to think of the words she’d been preparing to say. But something stopped her. A realization - 

Wait. No, I won’t even think them. Thinking them before I say them may take away their power. It will be stronger if I wait.

Within the bag she grabbed a satchel full of sand. She stood in a circular courtyard made by trees and shrubbery. There was an uneasiness within her. More of a feeling of butterflies than a feeling of false or even true fear. The feeling you get when you are about to enter a new school or home. Right there at the door, you have no idea what awaits you. There’s no knowing what’s on the other side. And that can give you the feeling of a 

Sweeping Monarch overhead,
Fireflies burning bright it’s twilight now. 
Croaking frogs and cawing crows.

She spoke, to No One and Every One at once.

“It’s time, isn’t it? God be with me.”

Pouring sand in a large circle just like her mother taught her,

Chanting a song of protection:

“There is a solid sphere,
And a carapace of peace,
Made by Love alone,
In this moment.

In this moment, 
I am not alone,
So let me live

(she adds in an almost whisper of genuine regard:)

And please, 
Let this work.”

From her pack she pulls a horn, a stone, and a wand.

The Stone is set in the middle of the Circle.

The wand is in her right (her warrior arm) and the wand is in her left (her appendage of alchemy). She pulls the horn to her mouth, ready to take the leap. She blows all of the wind that rests inside her. A bellowing yawn scares the crows and all the timid creatures. Then, a bellowing bass of a yell echoes from her body and through the forest. It is a war cry. Paint now appears on her face, fading in as her scream comes to an end. The war cry is more of a holler of declaration. As well as a form of protection. But this one, she has no interest in war.

With a Wave of her Wand and a Strict Point to the stone, she speaks the words she’s been learning for all of these years:

(The Ambling Preamble)

“Open cavernous items and release all upon me. This is the septum covered on the each and every atrium. A sorcerer’s apprentice I am not! I have come for the doorway to peace. To find the callous creature’s calming device. To reach inside, with my body and my mind. To find the key to this realm’s eternity. We are All calling out, to bring Heaven to this Realm.”

(The Spell)

“Open Here,
The Door to Peace.
We have Prayed,

We Have Watched
The Beast Tear Us Apart.

Our Hearts Are Wounded,
Bleeding and Open.

Dancing Stars,
Ultimate Light,
Divine Goodness,
I Have Come Here
As A Representative

To Be The One.

Take Me Here,
Kill Me Now,

If You Deem Me
Unworthy to Have
The Door Revealed To.

I Rest My Case.
May My Soul
Rest in God’s Hands.”

Silence. Thick as Death.

In A Flash of Lightning, The Stone Stretches Tall.
Its Material Form shapeshifting.

She Gasps. Is this it? Did it work?

The earth reaches up into the stone and expands into a doorway made of soil and flora. A Rose rests in the center of the frame, above the door. There’s no time to think.

She Grabs the door handle (a branch) and pulls. 

A soft light, warm and inviting.
A Voice inside her; Come. You are Welcome Here.

She Steps Inside. The Door closes, and collapses again into the ground. Her backpack and the circle of sand the only evidence that she was ever there. A crow caws from far away, letting his brothers know it's safe again. A song begins to play, from the center of the circle. From nowhere. No, from the other side. The softest melody. An angel's lullaby.