Summer’s Song

We began with birth, before we ever knew the reason or the rhyme. Time carried us along, ‘a leaf in the stream of creation’. Stories took root; Tales of families and folklore to help us find our way if we were to be lost in the wood. Each song is the sound of God, when They sing a certain Way.

Summer is beside me where I lay. 

Sweat rolls down skin, 

the room a foreground of speech.

In silence they stay lifted off the ground. 

We flew, under the stars that came; our free falling heat. 

Each year, she came again to visit me. In my winter, 

I wondered when I would be kissed again 

by the sun’s strong glow against the clouds.

Night became my creature comfort, 

a fondness for your fortitude. 

You took me in as a stranger 

and we parted as friends.

Our soul’s energy became shared knowledge. 

We awoke to death’s ever presence. 

Our collective ‘Ka’.

For seasons pass evermore. 

Another is always right behind 

the one that came before.

Sore, she softly speaks until I fall asleep. 

Comfort of a collection of words we know well. 

A cool breeze on a hot day. Window open, the curtains blow.

My breathing empties into a rhythm of free formed wind. 

A sweet release of control. I surrendered to the sight of her alone. 

An Angel stood before me, casting light into my life. 

Pull me in to your cover, and let me be stolen away. 

Reborn into new light, at the coming of another day.

Another lonely lover writes a song of longing, waiting for the day. 

The day they touch again, and taste the sin, of stolen paradise.


Breath Became Man

A Sun, rising over

the top of the Hill.

He Stands Shining.

I walk upward,

and he turns to me,


“Follow Me.

Ever Unfolding,

Always Here and Now

No Matter What.”

I Took His Hand,

And as I Did,

He Became Everything.

I took him in through every pore,

A Sunflower in the Summer;

And Gave him Back to Himself

and Every All that They Were.

I Live out this Story

From Beginning to End,

Again and Again -

In Every Passing

Hour of Every

Living Day.


It's All Modular

End the war by answering your call.

You set your flag outside - lily white,

Cast aside your cares and worries to

Listen to the sound of mercy.

Sending a song sailing in the wind -

A Song That

sang for Freedom,

A flying angel to be.

Your Savior is the One

That you Became

When the Piano Played, your body expressing your soul.

Peace is when you felt your feelings and thoughts without Judgement.

{Passing clouds are more than a bunch of empty Characters.}

In a laundromat you met yourself,

When music brought you to your breath.

80’s Nostalgia, Living in 88

Oh - For the Love of


Square Lead, soft in the head. Ear wax on the buds, so sticky. Cares were Wildfires, the World you carried on your shoulders. Atlas Shrugged and you Shook the Dust off with a Dance… Deer tremble after trauma… Chase me, when I run. Chase me to the corners of the page. If I am a Sentient Video Game Character, I cross my T’s and open my eyes that much Wider. “Don’t Leave me guessing,” She said, as I stepped outside and drove my car into a dream. Blessed beauty, be my sacred Beloved. I saw you get scared when you read my poetry. You had said it stirred something inside you. Loneliness can Last a Lifetime. Listen. Speaking Softly, the Answer is A Blistering Sun on your Skin. It’s the Wind and the garden in your Backyard. It’s the Presence of Joy that Grows Like a Tree inside you. A Tree, Made of Light. And it Shines so brightly that it burns away all that is not of it. And that process hurts sometimes. That it does. “Carry me,” She said. She hit her head, hard. The music from the movie played on, in the distance. As I put her to bed. As I told her goodnight, ice pack and all. The Glow, from outside our living room, shed light on our lawn until dawn broke open. A New Day.



A Man is a Masculine

KA - DA - SH

Arms Open,

She Received Me Graciously - 

Forgave all of my faults and We

Forged New Realities.

The Hosts of Heaven Sang Hallelujah

and together we entered the gates.

The Stage became a resting place,

for the fallen and forgotten - 

Each Call Rang Out

(With tears in eyes)

For a Savior

from the wreckage

of our youth.

"God, share with us the Truth - 

Should we be so worthy."


Inner and Outer, The Spectrum in Between - 

We Sought to Manifest what was seen,

in visions and dreams.

I thought She could be Me,

I saw a beautiful Sunrise.

But I found that path was not my own.


A Man Wages War within himself,

in search of who or what a Man is.

Pictures on a Screen

showed him everything

he thought he Needed to Be.

Pinch Grab Panty Sniff and Steal a Peek Be A Creep and Crawl Beyond Boundaries Set for a Century a Sinful Beast Bah Bah Black Sheep Evil Goat a Criss Cross Apple Sauce of Indian Feet of Mine Now and NO ONE ELSE'S -

But the Blame Goes on.

A Man is a Masculine,

And We All Have That.



The Wind that Moves the Sails

Waves Hush,

The 'Sh' a mother makes

To her sleeping child.


A calming, soothing sound.

She wants the world for him.

Everything that can be, if it only could.


"Could it, please?" She pleads,

To the Higher Being

She Believes In.


Universe Acknowledges

The Question and The Faith.

Like a Clock It Shifts

Everything into Place.


"Listen to me son."

The father of the boy,

who has grown decades older.

"You are one with this earth. 

I raised you to remember this."


He sees in his father's eye

The reflection of a secret.


"The sails are moved by the wind

that lives within you. Each gust."


The boy's breath moves

Steadily at this, his

Heartbeat slowing.


Butterfly wings,

the bug bird perched

on a limb.


Moving its wings up and down,

in a steady dance.



A silence as his father listens.

"What of when I'm angry or sad?

What does that do to the earth?"


"You have seen. Storms.

Some are harmless. Light and rain.

These can help the beings of earth.


It is true wrath, deep hatred,

sorrow without hope of solace

that causes catastrophe.


This is when Balance is Lost.


I watch over you.

It is rare that the scales are tipped

to such extremes by your hand.


But be aware of What you Place into Being.


The More Microscopic your Mindfulness, the better.

This Achieves Neutrality and Positivity.


From this place, great power for peace is provided.


Know though,

You are not the only one connected

to the earth and the surrounding Universe.

Each Being that dreams, creates.


Yet - The Only Mind

You Are Responsible For

Is Your Own.


And Even Still - You (and each individual)

Are responsible for All Beings,

For this whole Universe.


Because it made You."


"How do I accept that much weight upon my back without it breaking?"


"Loving Creation, Compassion,"

Then, his father smiling - 

"And a good sense of humor."


They hug, and his father leaves

through a doorway of light.




Aurora Arrived

Aurora came quick, flying by the swift wind of a dark, dark night.

And suddenly, as swift as that sure wind, she found her friend in need;

An Angel, in disguise of skin (either thickest or thinnest) -

Swept him up in her wings

And There, in that big open sky -

They Soared!


And Landed Together, 

In a Community of Souls

Called Society.


Which, at its Center,

Is the Sun.



As You Are, As I Am

Even in your weakest mind,

Can you find a source of healing?

All illness and disease,
All worry and stress

Is Softened and Cleared

Through connecting to the Breath.

Expressed, uncontrolled - Ragged as it may be.
There is a Grounding and a nature to saying

‘Yes’ to What Is.

Come As You Are,
Oh Breather of Air.

Heavy or light,
Deep or shallow,

All is Welcome.

I Am Allowed To Belong as I Am.

Any where or when -

I Am Beyond
Space and Time.

I Am Bound
To a Body by Choice.

Therefore, Listen to these Words:

I Am One and Equal
To Each and Every Being
Who I come in contact with.

Individuated as I Am - 

Yes there is a ‘me’
To be respected
And honored.

And, Too,
There is a You -

Who I Am One With.