One (All)

Let's Applaud the Universe,
Let's All that Live give forth
A Standing ovation of sound!
Play your instruments,
Whatever they may be.
Improvise creation,
Be loud if you like.
All that's been written into existence,
Whether Through code or chaos,
Is perfect in its own way.
Whatever and Whoever wrote it
Is a lover of Justice and Balance.
Watch the never ending
Creation and Destruction
Of the stars and the seas
and you'll see what I mean.
From the Breath of the Big Bang,
A Multiverse was Borne.
And wherever we are within it,
An abundance of doors can be
opened if we but seek and knock.
The wonder and awe of a child
Is an awakened way to walk
Within the midst of these
incomprehensible infinities.
We are all seen,
By The All, seeing.
Every being,
Every atom,
Every action.

Two (United Individuals,)

Each being is a nation of its own.
And each nation has its owner.
There are as many names for God
As there are for nations (Love is One), 
And yet it still stands true
That the plans of God,
by whatever name,
Transcend the
Plan of all

A president is not saved by his army,
and a soldier isn't absolved by bullets.
Guns are only guns.
Some are bare in gyms,
All are pulled by gravity.

Three (Together in Love.)

Joyful is the One
Who honors Life and Love,
For both co-created Us All.

A centered being Trusts Love,
Its ability to transcend Death.

Some Souls wait for Love,
(You don't need to wait,)
Every Heart is Brightened by Love,
(You don't have to look far,)
Each and Every One has Love.
(You'll find it where you are.)