When I forgot to hear my heart,
it became apparent that
A partner for me would be
One that would love me

I welcome you anyway.
I'll leave my tent's zipper Unstuck.

Even if you don't love me
in the way I want to be loved,
I can still love you
As Unconditionally As I Can.

So you can see what that's like.

Inside I feel the pain, and it's not your fault.

You see, I had a connection
with a partner who loved me
As Unconditionally As She Could.

And I Left that.

So I can love myself, as unconditionally as I can.
And that will tide me over in the meantime.
But it won't ever be the same as a partner

Who Loves Me
Even When I
Forget to Love Myself.

If I could ask you anything,
you Brilliant and Beautiful Soul,

I would ask that
you Love you
As much As


And then Some.

no matter what you think,
no matter what you say,
no matter what you do,

You Deserve it.