Even in your weakest mind,

Can you find a source of healing?

All illness and disease,
All worry and stress

Is Softened and Cleared

Through connecting to the Breath.

Expressed, uncontrolled - Ragged as it may be.
There is a Grounding and a nature to saying

‘Yes’ to What Is.

Come As You Are,
Oh Breather of Air.

Heavy or light,
Deep or shallow,

All is Welcome.

I Am Allowed To Belong as I Am.

Any where or when -

I Am Beyond
Space and Time.

I Am Bound
To a Body by Choice.

Therefore, Listen to these Words:

I Am One and Equal
To Each and Every Being
Who I come in contact with.

Individuated as I Am - 

Yes there is a ‘me’
To be respected
And honored.

And, Too,
There is a You -

Who I Am One With.