Waves Hush,

The 'Sh' a mother makes

To her sleeping child.


A calming, soothing sound.

She wants the world for him.

Everything that can be, if it only could.


"Could it, please?" She pleads,

To the Higher Being

She Believes In.


Universe Acknowledges

The Question and The Faith.

Like a Clock It Shifts

Everything into Place.


"Listen to me son."

The father of the boy,

who has grown decades older.

"You are one with this earth. 

I raised you to remember this."


He sees in his father's eye

The reflection of a secret.


"The sails are moved by the wind

that lives within you. Each gust."


The boy's breath moves

Steadily at this, his

Heartbeat slowing.


Butterfly wings,

the bug bird perched

on a limb.


Moving its wings up and down,

in a steady dance.



A silence as his father listens.

"What of when I'm angry or sad?

What does that do to the earth?"


"You have seen. Storms.

Some are harmless. Light and rain.

These can help the beings of earth.


It is true wrath, deep hatred,

sorrow without hope of solace

that causes catastrophe.


This is when Balance is Lost.


I watch over you.

It is rare that the scales are tipped

to such extremes by your hand.


But be aware of What you Place into Being.


The More Microscopic your Mindfulness, the better.

This Achieves Neutrality and Positivity.


From this place, great power for peace is provided.


Know though,

You are not the only one connected

to the earth and the surrounding Universe.

Each Being that dreams, creates.


Yet - The Only Mind

You Are Responsible For

Is Your Own.


And Even Still - You (and each individual)

Are responsible for All Beings,

For this whole Universe.


Because it made You."


"How do I accept that much weight upon my back without it breaking?"


"Loving Creation, Compassion,"

Then, his father smiling - 

"And a good sense of humor."


They hug, and his father leaves

through a doorway of light.