KA - DA - SH

Arms Open,

She Received Me Graciously - 

Forgave all of my faults and We

Forged New Realities.

The Hosts of Heaven Sang Hallelujah

and together we entered the gates.

The Stage became a resting place,

for the fallen and forgotten - 

Each Call Rang Out

(With tears in eyes)

For a Savior

from the wreckage

of our youth.

"God, share with us the Truth - 

Should we be so worthy."


Inner and Outer, The Spectrum in Between - 

We Sought to Manifest what was seen,

in visions and dreams.

I thought She could be Me,

I saw a beautiful Sunrise.

But I found that path was not my own.


A Man Wages War within himself,

in search of who or what a Man is.

Pictures on a Screen

showed him everything

he thought he Needed to Be.

Pinch Grab Panty Sniff and Steal a Peek Be A Creep and Crawl Beyond Boundaries Set for a Century a Sinful Beast Bah Bah Black Sheep Evil Goat a Criss Cross Apple Sauce of Indian Feet of Mine Now and NO ONE ELSE'S -

But the Blame Goes on.

A Man is a Masculine,

And We All Have That.