We began with birth, before we ever knew the reason or the rhyme. Time carried us along, ‘a leaf in the stream of creation’. Stories took root; Tales of families and folklore to help us find our way if we were to be lost in the wood. Each song is the sound of God, when They sing a certain Way.

Summer is beside me where I lay. 

Sweat rolls down skin, 

the room a foreground of speech.

In silence they stay lifted off the ground. 

We flew, under the stars that came; our free falling heat. 

Each year, she came again to visit me. In my winter, 

I wondered when I would be kissed again 

by the sun’s strong glow against the clouds.

Night became my creature comfort, 

a fondness for your fortitude. 

You took me in as a stranger 

and we parted as friends.

Our soul’s energy became shared knowledge. 

We awoke to death’s ever presence. 

Our collective ‘Ka’.

For seasons pass evermore. 

Another is always right behind 

the one that came before.

Sore, she softly speaks until I fall asleep. 

Comfort of a collection of words we know well. 

A cool breeze on a hot day. Window open, the curtains blow.

My breathing empties into a rhythm of free formed wind. 

A sweet release of control. I surrendered to the sight of her alone. 

An Angel stood before me, casting light into my life. 

Pull me in to your cover, and let me be stolen away. 

Reborn into new light, at the coming of another day.

Another lonely lover writes a song of longing, waiting for the day. 

The day they touch again, and taste the sin, of stolen paradise.